World On Fire: So Will The Fans Of The Series Going To Have A New Season?


Marking 80 years since the World War II, a British War Drama “World on Fire” first premiered in September 2019. The series initially aired in UK only and was then aired in United States early this year. Written by Peter Bowker the series revolves around the not so popular lives of people in France, Germany, Poland, United States and Britain.

The series witnesses coiled lives of ordinary people combating the effects of war. World on Fire is available on DVD on Amazon, and is also available on Amazon’s PBS masterpiece channel (free trial of 7 days available). 

Season 2 – production announced

The creators of series confirmed the making of Season 2, soon after the ending of Season 1. Staged around the year 1940 to 1941 the season 2 is expected to begin its production / filming around later this year for an expected release in 2021.

World On Fire: So Will The Fans Of The Series Going To Have A New Season?

What could be the story line for Season 2

Confirming that he already knows what happens to main characters, Peter Bowker has mentioned that season 2 will have glimpse of Northwest of England and not so surprisingly North Africa will be field of. Bowker also gave a few hints on the storyline stating that this season we will find more about Webster’s family and Nancy as well. In fact you will also see Nancy being able to leave from Berlin finally during the beginning of the Season 2.

He also added that Kasia and Lois will meet each other and the meeting will turn out to be extremely interesting and fascinating for everybody.

Seems like Bowker has story set up for a long inning as he also mentioned he knows already what happens to the main characters until the season 6.”  – Was this a confirmation of Season 6 already, just thinking aloud?

Release of Season 2

Although the season was expected to be filmed this year and then to be released in 2021 however, considering the current covid-19 global outbreak the plans have been put on hold. It seems like there is not much information on when the production will be resumed. Considering that the production for Season 1 took almost 2 years it’s very likely that even if the production for season 2 resumes right now we won’t get to see the final outcome any soon.




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