World War Z 2: Is there a sequel to the blockbuster? All you would like to know


World War Z is an Apocalyptic-Action-Horror movie based on a concept of Zombie Pandemic released in 2013. The movie was directed by Marc Forster and produced by Brad Pitt (the lead character) with 3 others. It was an unexpected box office hit making a woofing revenue of $ 540 million against a production budget of $ 190 million. World War Z is based on a 2006 best selling novel of the same name by Max Brooks. The movie became the highest-grossing zombie movie of all times.

The story is around Gerry Lane (played by Brad Pitt), who is a former investigator with United Nations who is travelling the world to find a way to end the Zombie Pandemic anyhow. After World War Z’s all-round commercial success, a sequel was announced just after the movie release, but it got cancelled in Feb 2019, reportedly because of the budget issues.

However, there are many speculations on why it is taking so much time for a highly successful zombie movie sequel. 

World War Z 2: Is there a sequel to the blockbuster? All you would like to know

A few of them are as follows:

  1. Unavailability of the lead actor Brad Pitt.
  2. Due to original director J.A. Bayona leaving the movie.
  3. Unavailability of the director David Fincher.
  4. Since China has a maximum audience in the movie industry and they had banned the zombie movies for quite some time, it was quite inappropriate to launch a movie on that genre and get failed.
  5. Paramount has not given the movie a complete green light yet.

As per the previous plan, Movie was about to get a release in 2018 or 2019. However, in 2019, there was news saying that the movie has been dropped for now. And then the Covid-19 global pandemic happened which halted every business around the world. That means fans have to wait for the sequel for some more time to see it on the screen. There is no official announcement from the creator on it.

The plot in the last movie was to end in Russia, following a massive disaster. However, the storyline has been twisted a bit to indicate that there will be a sequel to it which will show how to get rid of Zombie attacks. There is a notion shared in all the Zombie movies till date that Zombie does not attack there kind, hence in the upcoming movie, there is a possibility to show about a vaccine which can make people to camouflage themselves as a Zombie, which will save the entire race of humanity eventually.

Another possibility in the next movie is to show the effects of the current pandemic situation due to Novel Coronavirus and how humanity will lead the way ahead. These out of the world stories will never cease us to amuse, and we wish creators will make the movie sooner like we are positive to see it somewhere after 2021 or later.

Till then stay tuned with us to get more updates.


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