What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say Disney Princesses? Great looking and amazing quality dresses right. The thing though is that the Disney Princesses have not always had the best dresses to wear. Don’t believe us? Then take a look at 10 Disney Princesses who did not have the best outfits at all the times.


  1. Jasmine’s Peasant Outfit: The outfit that Jasmine wears in the city to be among the masses does not help her to blend in. The dark colored dress is ok but why is she wearing her gold jewelry when after all she wants to blend in the crowd!  
  2. Elsa’s Ice Castle Dress: The outfit just does not look practical to worn inside an ice castle. The heels will send one scatting across the floor and in that kind of a dress, even a princess like Elsa will freeze.
  3. Cinderella’s Cleaning Outfit: The outfit of Cinderella worn by her in her step-mother’s house is too elaborate. The flying skirt will get dirty while doing the cleaning along with the grayish blue top. 
  4. Rapunzel’s Dress: Her dress is ok, it has a pretty pink color to it but why wear a dress with so long hair to care for. Simply it sounds and is very inconvenient.  
  5. Anna’s Adventuring Outfit: Her outfit looks decent for a ball party but certainly it is not what one will wear in the cold outside atmosphere of the movie.  
  6. Mulan’s Honorable Outfit: Mulan is a warrior and she looks best in a warrior’s attire. The traditional dress she wears at the start of the movie just doesn’t go with her style. 
  7. Merida’s Typical Dress: Everything about Merida’s outfit is wrong. She is an archer. She does not need a bulky dress and curly hairstyle. The dress will slow her down and her hair will fall on her eyes.
  8. Snow White’s Blue and Yellow Gown: Her dress is beautiful but she is living in a forest with 7 dwarfs. Forest life is not easy and one would like wear something comfy like pants and not a full dress!
  9. Cinderella’s Glass Slippers: Slippers are made of comfortable materials and certainly glass is not comfortable to wear though they are the most important elements of the movie.
  10. Ariel’s Sail Dress: To start with wrapping a sail around your body with a rope does not make it a dress! Ariel wears this just to cover herself up and that makes it just a covering.


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