WWE’s Stephanie McMahon reveals “Big Efforts” to change Male-Dominated Writer’s Room!!

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Every WWE viewer must have heard about the WWE writer’s room after every Monday Night Raw, SmackDown, or NXT. It is a base where all the WWE television and pay-per-views are kept in check and sometimes they are rewritten in the final moments as well. The Writer’s room mostly has men, maybe it is one of the reasons why it is criticized for the Women Division’s storyline which doesn’t make sense. In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Stephanie McMahon, who is the Chief Brand Officer, talked about all the efforts which are made to transform the writer’s room and bring women into the picture to escalate the storyline of women fighting.

McMahon said that the writer’s room has always been male-dominated, and now it is high time to change the pattern.

She stated the example of Sasha and Bailey’s amazing storyline which dominated SmackDown and expanded to RAW and then NXT until it became the SmackDown Women’s Championship. She said that Sasha and Bailey are so special, and they make a big difference in their business.

WWE Women Superstars who deserve a Women Championship Title at WrestleMania 37 

Raw Women’s title is still somewhere in the air, but it is highly demanded. The reason for its delay can be Asuka’s injury and Lacy Evan’s pregnancy. There are several super talented women in the Monday Night Raw that can be easily placed in a new storyline.

Charlotte Fair

Charlotte took the Raw Women’s Championship title, but it was earlier planned that Lacy Evans would get it before her pregnancy, and then Charlotte took it out of nowhere at the WrestleMania.

Rhea Ripley

She made her debut at the Royale Rumble. It is highly expected that she is going to make a comeback soon after her defeat from Charlotte at WrestleMania. If Rhea makes her debut in the Raw it is going to be big news.

Alex Bliss

She is currently removed from the women’s division, but it is easy to bring her back into the limelight again.

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Lana is going well with Naomi with their best potential, but she also needs some individual attention. It would be fun to see how her potential will be pushed further in the future to keep her going.


She is also one of those who deserve something higher. She never fails to show her skills, excels in almost all the matches.

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