Wynonna Earp Season 4 Ending Explained

Courtesy: Syfy Wire

We get to witness bitter and sweet days at times and this day for the devoted fans of SyFy’s supernatural-meets-Western show Wynonna Earp was on April 9, 2021. It is on this day that Old Souls had been aired by the network which was the twelfth episode of the fourth season of the series. We do not know whether it was a season or series finale but according to a few reports, it does look like one.

This is because SyFy has not renewed the show yet and additionally, there hasn’t been any announcement pertaining to the rescue by any other platform. However, here’s something sweet for you going into the episode, a little ray of hope passed by the showrunner Emily Andras. She disclosed the news of the wedding of the show’s most lovable couple, namely, Sheriff Nicole Haught and Waverly Gibson – ship name #WayHaught.

It all began in the first season when Officer Haught was walking into the bar where Waverly had been working, whose job was to dish out some smooth as butter flirting. But there came a twist in their lives and subsequently Waverly realized that she was a bisexual.

Courtesy: Syfy Wire

But in the last week’s episode, it seemed that Waverly’s gun-toting hero sister Wynonna, Waverly, and Nicole and the rest of the members in the crew had sorted their problems out and the enemies as well. When everything settled from all ends, the attention again was drifted towards the wedding scene.

Fans weren’t sure what to expect from this episode as it had a lot to offer and take away as well. Ultimately, fans were given the chance to see each of their heroes getting what they have hoped for and finding their home as well. However, some minor evil supernatural activity was bound to interfere amidst all of this!


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