X-men star’s MacGyver show to reach its end soon!

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There won’t be any more cases that would be go to X-men star Lucas Till to be solved. CBS confirmed it for the fans that the procedural drama series MacGyver is cancelled after having five seasons of the same. The season five finale has not been premiered yet but the show will culminate to its end just after this part. It is all scheduled to air on April 30 in the US, according to the reports of Entertainment Weekly.

Till earlier played the role of Alex Summers/ Havok in X-men and is starring in MacGyver as Angus MacGyver who is known to be an operative of a secret US government organization. He has been specifically chosen to solve crimes due to his problem solving skills using everyday objects such as cake candles and paper clips.

The show is based on the original MacGyver show that featured Richard Dean Anderson as the lead character and premiered between 1985 and 1992 on ABC. The inspired show made its entry to the word of cinema and television in 2016. The cancellation news was announced by CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl.

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She talked about giving this work of creativity a final goodbye through its last episode that would soon premiere. She also addresses the fact that the cast and crew has done a wonderful job for years to provide us with a masterpiece as such.

She extended her gratitude to Tristin, Lucas, Justin, Levy, Meredith, and Ian for everything that they had ever done for the show. Their contribution is priceless and the same was acknowledge in her speech. In addition to that, Till also took to Instagram to pay tribute to the show. He ended up writing a lengthy Instagram post entailing his experience with the project as well as his learning that would stay with him forever.


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