X Men Theory: Did Professor X erase all the memories from the mutants?!

X Men Theory
X Men Theory

Though X-Men and the Avengers shared the same universe, we have never seen their worlds collide. Maybe this has to do with the fact that when the X-Men series was originally released as comic books, it did so poorly when compared to Marvel’s other hits that they even ceased its publication for a while.

It would not have been very wise of them to allow X-Men to enter the much-beloved superheroes’ adventures.

But things have changed and it’s not the 20th century anymore. The first X-Men film which was released in 2000 featuring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was a huge breakthrough for Marvel Studios when it came to cinema.

It helped them break out of their “comic books for nerds” shell and make it to the mainstream market all over the world.

But why haven’t they collaborated yet? Well, it’s simply because it’s complicated. The X-Men operate in vastly different conditions.

X Men Theory
X Men Theory

For one, they are still shunned by the public and are forced to live in the shadows unlike Spider-Man or Captain America, who are literally worshipped. X-Men are usually depicted as the saviors of the underdogs while the Avengers do the more glamorous saving the world stunt.

Many writers before have tried to bring them together but have largely failed as their meeting is possible only when they are written out of character and favor any one of them; and fans never take this well.

Recently, the fans have come up with a new and improved theory. They’ve been speculating that Charles Xavier has been using his telepathic connections to mask the lives of these mutants from the outside world. Why would he do that? Well, the answer they provide is quite straightforward. To protect the mutants, which is what he has always done.

Maybe Professor X senses some disturbance beyond what her mutant friends could handle and goes to the Avengers for aid and exposing the mutants to the world in a grand reveal!

What do you think about the theory? Will it work? Tell us about it!

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