X Of Swords: Each X-Man Ranked By Swordsmanship

X Of Swords: Each X-Man Ranked By Swordsmanship
X Of Swords: Each X-Man Ranked By Swordsmanship

X of Swords is the newest crossover comic book series by Marvel which first got published this September. This series was written by Jonathan Hickman and Tini Howard mainly follows the life of the mutants from Krakoa, also known as the Swordbearers. 

These people are quite good when it comes to the duels but who among them is the strongest? We have ranked all the Swordbearers from the best to the worst. Read on to find out!

Doug Ramsey

Doug is pretty smart when it comes to linguistics. He has the ability to understand any language from ancient hieroglyphs to the newest programming languages. But this power of his doesn’t make him a good swordsman though. His old pal Magik even points out that he will not return alive if he goes into the battleground.


The cable is one of the deadliest people you’ll meet in the whole series. Except, he hasn’t been performing to his fullest since he was turned into a teenager.

But even in the adult form, he is not great with words. His main strength lies in the psychokinetic ability to operate huge weapons such as machine guns.


Fearlessness is one of Storm’s greatest strengths. She is courageous to a point where she flirts with Death and dances with him. 

But her swordsmanship is not the greatest. Her strength mainly lies in the sword she chose, Skybreaker, which allows her to harm the opponents without getting too close to them.

X Of Swords: Each X-Man Ranked By Swordsmanship
X Of Swords: Each X-Man Ranked By Swordsmanship

Brian Braddock

Brian Braddock, otherwise known as Captain Britain’s main strength lies in his self-confidence. When he almost died, he was given the choice between Sword of Might and Amulet of Right and Brian chose the amulet. But since then, he has managed to wield the Sword of Might as well. This does not make him the best, though.

Betsy Braddock

She has served as the X-Man Psylocke for quite a while before becoming Captain Britain’s mantle. She has the ability to manipulate blades with her mind, making her an excellent swordsman.


When she was just a child, Magik was forced into purgatory (an intermediate state after physical death for expiatory purification) from where she saved herself by using soulsword. Soulsword is a technique where the sorcerer pushes a part of their soul into the weapon and uses it. This has allowed her to become one of the most powerful in the series.


This should come as no doubt to the fans. Wolverine’s katanas are not easy to use, but he has got the right amount of dexterity to make the weapon lethal. Moreover, he is immortal, giving him ample time (more time than any of his enemies have) to practice his skills.


One shouldn’t undermine his deftness by looking at his massive structure. He is one of the most lethal swordsmen wielding one of the most lethal weapons, Godkiller and Grasscutter, forged by Gods themselves.


This semi-god has been around for millennia and employs Scarab itself. This powerful mutant has saved the Egyptian civilization from alien invasion single-handedly using his swordsmanship.

In conclusion, Apocalypse’s skills cannot be surpassed when it comes to using swords.


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