Yashvi Rebecchi is considering her future as Shane and Dipi is getting ready to leave from Neighbours’

Source : Home and Away: Back to the Bay

Yashvi Rebecchi from neighbours will look forward to her future next week on Australian screens as her parents plan to leave Erinsborough.

Dipi and Shane Rebecchi have planned to move to Sydney for a new beginning after their meeting. Yashvi might follow soon if she starts applying for employment in the city.

Yashvi (Olivia Junkeer) agrees to remain on Ramsay Street in upcoming scenes on 10 Peach. However, she manages to keep herself occupied as she deals with her parents’ departure.

Ned (Ben Hall) now asks Yashvi if they should get together but is hurt when Yashvi isn’t interested.

Source : Home and Away: Back to the Bay

Junkeer told reporters that, “She’s overwhelmed with how fast her life is moving and how it doesn’t seem to stop. She’s clinging onto what was and isn’t ready to move on to the next chapter of her life.”

Ned tries his utmost to help Yashvi in a challenging period, despite his disappointment.

In a chat with Yashvi’s aunt Mishti Sharma, who is also in Sydney, he gets another shock. Mishti, also a police officer, informs Ned that Yashvi is searching for a new career. Yashvi was given a role there already.

Ned is surprised and saddened by the revelation. Is that the end of the relationship with Yashvi, possibly on her way out from Erinsborough?

In five weeks, these scenes will air in the UK.


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