Yellowstone & Lost Star Josh Holloway & J.J. Abrams Are Reuniting For An HBO Max Show, Here Is What We Know

Courtesy: Yahoo News

JJ Abrams, the director of two Star Wars and Star Trek films each, as well as a producer on a slew of others, has a new project in the works for HBO Max, the big new streaming service contender on the block.

He’s co-writing a series called Duster with Into the Badlands writer LaToya Morgan, set in the 1970s in the American Southwest.

This will be a reunion for Abrams and Josh Holloway, who played Sawyer on the infamously twisty-turny 2000s TV series Lost, according to Variety. The show was co-created and executive produced by Abrams.

Holloway will play the central role of a getaway driver for a rapidly expanding crime syndicate in Duster.

However, it’s not the only project Abrams has in the works for HBO Max. He also has a new series based on the DC Comics character Constantine, as well as a Justice League Dark adaptation, which features a group of antiheroes banding together as an alternative to Superman and his gang.

Courtesy: CinemaBlend

The Snyder Cut of the 2017 film, dubbed Zack Snyder’s Justice League, was accidentally leaked on HBO Max more than a week before its release date.

And we don’t mean on some shady websites; we mean that viewers were able to download the new version directly from the official platform.

At the time of writing, HBO Max had not been announced for the UK, so it will be interesting to see where all of these projects end up.


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