Yellowstone Season 4: Did Mo command the attacks on the Duttons based on a new theory?


After three seasons, fans of YELLOWSTONE have yet to learn who ordered the Dutton family to be attacked. Mo, Thomas Rainwater’s helper, could be the culprit, according to a new idea.

On November 7, The Paramount Network will premiere Yellowstone’s fourth season. It’s hoped that the latest episode of the Western melodrama would disclose who was behind the surprise attacks on the Dutton family. People speculate that Mo (Mo Brings Plenty) could have been because of his closeness to Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham).

When it comes to finding out who wanted the Dutton family dead, Yellowstone’s fans are on the edge of their seats. Ranch and Rip Wheeler are supposed to find John Dutton (Kevin Costner) after being shot by the roadside in the season three finale (Cole Hauser).

Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) was hurt in an explosion at her office, and viewers are eager to see how badly she was injured. A group of shooters attacked Kayce (Luke Grimes), and his destiny was in the balance.

Everyone wants to know who was behind the attacks on the family. Others have suggested that Thomas Rainwater is not the only suspect. Throughout the series, Mo has been Rainwater’s right-hand man.

Fans on Reddit have named the driver a possible suspect, voiced their ideas online. “It’s not Jaime, it’s too clear,” stated one. Mo is here! In her speech to Rainwater, Blue Thunder asked Mo whether he was ready to take over his property.

“Mo can pull this off. ” The van was an earlier model that resembled a Rez van, but it was not one of those. What happened to Kasey escaped my attention.

“Without Rainwater knowing, I bet on Mo. [Sic] Possibly, Mo acted behind his boss’s back to achieve control. “It’s possible, for sure,” added another admirer. But, I’d say only because of John’s attack.

“John stopped to aid a woman with a flat tyre while travelling in an ageing van on the road to Yellowstone.” As for Roarke, I believe he struck Beth and Kayce. “We can’t wait for Season 4!”

According to a second observer: “Hadn’t considered this as an option. Unquestionably a plausible theory. But now I’m reconsidering.”

As a result, several suspects have been identified by many admirers. All suspects are Wes Bentley’s Jamie Dutton, Will Patton’s Will Patton, Josh Holloway’s Roarke, and Karen Pittman’s Karen Pittman.

Jamie, who has a difficult relationship with his adoptive family, is among those who wish to see the Dutton property fall. Garrett, his biological father, advised him to “murder the king” to control the family land and gain power. Willa and Roarke have also shown their disdain for the family on numerous occasions, making them both prime suspects in the case.

In a scary new teaser video for the next season, the official Yellowstone Instagram account has revealed. An aerial picture of a running stream is seen in the film, and a gunshot is heard in the background.

As ominous music plays, a cowboy hat floats in the river, followed by a trickle of blood. It’s followed by the words: “Everybody Pays,” which has sparked fans speculate about who might die.

Many people believe that the hat belonged to Walker (Ryan Bingham), a former prisoner who was granted a second chance at the ranch by the property owner. There is no telling who will be eliminated in November. The Paramount Network will air Yellowstone season 4 on November 7th.


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