You can buy the newest limited edition fashion range of Space Jam: A New Legacy.


Space Jam: A new legacy will once again hit the court with its unique assortment of apparel. LeBron James has given the Tune Squad an overhaul of all new uniforms for the upcoming big-screen adventure. So you can finally get your own! And now!

Zavvi has teamed with Space Jam: A New Legacy with the next blockbuster, a unisex fashion portfolio that includes jerseys, sweatpants, hoodies, shirts and jackets. So look down and get your favourites, because now you can buy all these Space Jam fashions:

Men’s Space Jam Mesh Vest – Blue – Limited To 1,000 £19.99  

Men’s Space Jam Mesh Short – Blue – Limited To 1,000 £19.99 

Original Hero Unisex Space Jam Windbreaker – Blue – Limited To 1000 £44.99 

Space Jam Tune Squad Basket Hoodie – Grey £29.99 

Space Jam Tune Squad Lola Bunny Sweatshirt – White £24.99 

Space Jam Tune Squad Hoodie – Black £29.99 

Space Jam Tune Squad Hoodie – Black £29.99 

Space Jam Tune Squad Lola Women’s Cropped T-Shirt – Black Acid Wash £16.99

Before they sell out, we would recommend picking all these styles. Who doesn’t want Granny’s and Porky Pig’s style match? The new film shows LA Lakers’ great LeBron leading the Tune Squad’s traditional form – with Bugs, Taz, Lola, Tweety, and everyone else – in a virtual environment where basketball star and his son have been confined.

Evil AI Al-G Rhythm (Don Cheadle) modifies the rules by employing real NBA players’ avatars to take over LeBron and his Looney Toons team. A new legacy will be released in the United States on July 16 and in the United Kingdom on July 23.


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