You need to watch the best sci-fi comedy ever before it leaves Hulu this month


Hey Sci-fi lovers!!!

Here we have bought an update on one of the best science fiction movies emerged with comedy.

The recent update is that time is limited to watch your favourite Sci-Fi news as it is available on Hulu till 31 October’20.

So, don’t delay to get the best experience! 

Having said that, we have few details on the movie to make up your mind.

 Star War Update

 It is a known fact that it was one of the prominent movies at the time of 1987. But now, the value of the movie is depreciated day by day because of its uncertainty. 

The movie is going through a “dark phase”. The identity of the once universally-famous movie is bounded by tabletop video games only. 

It’s been four years since “Return of Jedi” and it is conquering the whole world with its toys, comics, and movies.

Parody of Star War- Spaceballs

To keep Star War famous, some of the best directors showed effort and brought Star Wars in the form of spoof. One of its best parody includes “Spaceballs” by Mal Brooks. 

It stars Mel Brooks, John Candy, and Rick Moranis in lead casts. The voice is given by Joan rivers. The story revolves around a pilot and his assistant who takes the responsibility to rescue a Princess and bring balance in the galaxy by saving the world from a heartless being called Spaceball.

It became a blockbuster and was one of the most famous movies by Brooks which was having an estimated budget of $23 million earning almost about $7 million in its opening week lagging behind another blockbuster movie “Dragnet”.

Funny scenes from Spaceballs: 

Animated series and Sequel

In September 2008, Spaceballs was developed into animated series namely “Spaceballs: The Animated Series” on Super Channel.

Brooks claimed about the sequel of Spaceballs in 2015 with the name “Spaceball 2: The search for more money” and the series is under development.

Now it’s time to discuss music

Spaceballs have music that can amuse you by its beat including its theme music by John Morris, “heartstrings” by Berlin, “Spaceballs” by Spinners, “My heart has a mind of its own” by Jaffrey Osborne, and “Good enough” by Van Halen.

So, grab the popcorn and cooldrink, and enjoy the movie.


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