Your Favorite Cartoon is at the Box Office with Great Opening Weekend!!

Courtesy: Yahoo Finance

Thinking about which cartoon show we are talking about? So we are talking about everyone’s favorite Tom And Jerry. Yes, Tom And Jerry have been released after the pandemic in the theatres and it has proved that nothing can stop Tim, the director of Tom and Jerry, to hit the big screens. 

Tom and Jerry started great!!

It is a well-known fact that after the pandemic, no studios wanted to release movies on the big screen. Although there were other safer options for the release like in-house streaming services and home video windows, putting a movie out on the big screen is now a decision risky but worthy. 

Tim is the latest example of those who have gained success in these exceptional conditions. Tim’s story has managed to take to the position of the second best opening weekend since last summer. In the first three days of its release, Tom and Jerry had pulled off the earnings of $13.7 million which is just $3 million below what Wonder Woman 1984 earned in December 2020. 

We all know that no other movie has gained such a success rate after being released in the pandemic.

What are the reasons for such a great success?

If we talk about the reasons behind the great success of Tom and Jerry then there is no specific answer to it. The major reason behind the success can be given to the vaccine that has made things close to normal by giving confidence to people to watch their favorite newly released films in their local cinema. Another reason can be given to its story which means that every family movie has gained success on the big screen. Another business-minded step taken for the success was to release Tom and Jerry on HBO Max simultaneously.

Courtesy: Deadline

However, most of the HBO Max users watched Tom and Jerry this weekend at their home, but some of the portions of subscribers’ viewers decided not to watch it at home but to go to the theatres to enjoy the blockbuster. Although it is very cheaper to get the subscription of the HBO Max as it costs $14.99 for one month which is lesser than the whole family going to the cinema. But the craze that the public has for some movies is the only reason for the cinemas to release the movies on the big screen.

Looking forward, we can say that some big hits are going to be released on the big screen soon and we just need to wait for their updates. Stay tuned and follow the space for more such updates.


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