YouTube star Landon Clifford dies at the age of 19


The famous Youtuber Landon Clifford died at only 19, leaving behind a wife and two children. In the United States, they were considered a model teenage family. His wife Camryn (19) became a mother for the first time at the age of 16 and made Landon, who was also a minor, his father.

Almost three months ago, the young couple had another child, Delilah Rose. Daughter Collette Briar (2) was very happy about the new sister, the two revealed a few weeks ago on social networks. Now Landon Clifford is dead.

Landon Clifford didn’t even turn 20

The young couple from Texas let their more than 1.28 million fans participate in their family life on YouTube as “Cam & Fam.” 

Now Camryn shared the sad news of Landon’s sudden death on Instagram stated. “August 13, 2020, was Landon’s last day as best father and husband,” the young widow comments on a snapshot. It shows the Youtuber in a hospital bed with lots of tubes on his body. He is being ventilated by a machine.

YouTube star Landon Clifford dies at the age of 19

His organs were donated.

Landon’s death’s exact cause is not yet publicly known, but the little background information that has leaked to the public is concerned. Landon was in a coma for six days before he died. Its organs were donated.

Camryn seems to draw strength from her husband’s organ donation. The beautiful blonde writes on Instagram: “He died to save other lives.” Nevertheless, his death breaks her heart. “He was the best husband and father I could ever ask for. It hurts me to know that our daughters can never really get to know their father. “

His widow is desperate.

The desperation can be clearly seen in Cam’s lines: “This is not how things should happen. He should celebrate his next birthday. He should accompany his daughters to the altar. He should die with me when we are old. “

Cam and Landon had only married last year. Now she has to say goodbye to her husband at only 19 and is alone with two small children—a hard fate.

I will miss him.

The fans also mourn with her. One fan wrote: “He is loved! His smile and the way he loved his girls is a testament to his true nature. I will miss him. I will keep telling his girls how much he loved them. “

Another writes: “I’m so sorry, Cam. I will never forget all the good times and memories from all of us and Landon. The cutest, funniest, funniest and most laid back person ever. I pray that God will comfort you through such a difficult time. I am always here. We love you.”

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