Zack Snyder was planning to reboot the DC Universe with Justice League

Source: Collider

Are you aware of the fact that Zack Snyder’s original plan was to reboot the DC Extended Universe as a crucial part of a Justice League sequel, as revealed by a storyboard artist. The filmmaker has always been very open about anything related to his now-scrapped follow-ups over the last few years. Whether it is about Batman traveling back in time or Superman yielding to Darkseid’s Anti-Life Equation or subsequently sacrificing Batman in order to save the life of Lois Lane. It all seemed to be a part of the plan after all.

Snyder was all up to explore one of the comics’ most ambitious crossover to make it more interesting and fascinating on screen, according to a speaker at a recent Justice Con event, Jay Oliva. The main idea was to change things a bit after Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the three outings of Justice League. Something significant was necessary to keep up the universe and this idea was pretty plausible.

Source: Medium

The Flashpoint story entails that Barry Allen (aka The Flash) would travel back to his childhood in the view of preventing his mother’s death. He nearly managed to stop the tragic event from happening that caused tremendous troubles to him during his adulthood. However, these events ended up restarting the DC comic book universe from the beginning. This is specifically to rewrite the existing timelines once again and in turn, creating alternate versions of a few peculiar characters too.

These said events are in fact, rumored to be touched in the upcoming The Flash movie which is known to be directed by Andy Muschietti.


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