Ziggy Astoni from Home and Away confronts Justin Morgan after finding out about an upsetting lie.

Source: Digital Spy

Home and Away’s Astoni, after discovering that Justin Morgan lied about his reasons for shooting her, stands for herself at UK screens next week. Justin leaving Ziggy startled her with little explanation when he sacked her from her garage.

In future channel five episodes, Ziggy is astonished that Justin claims that he decided on her work after receiving complaints. Justin falsely shows that Ziggy was making mistakes in many professions. Therefore he was taking action.

Source: Digital Spy

But Leah Patterson-Baker, Justin’s partner, swiftly puts the record straight to release Ziggy from her doubts. Justin’s continuous painkiller addiction explains to Leah that Justin is wrong.

Ziggy has confidence in this in her boyfriend Tane Parata, and he urges her to face Justin. Ziggy visits Justin with herself and demands her job back, pointing out that she can keep an eye on things in the car although he is not good.

Justin appreciates the support of Ziggy for the first time and accepts that he will be able to operate the firm in his absence. But, later, when he wakes up in the middle of the night and begins to look for medication, Justin takes another step for the worse.

Leah has pledged his painkiller to control not to overmedicate again, but Justin refuses and wants the pills. When Justin’s behaviour is scary, Leah goes into the bathroom and locks her away. However, Justin still knocks on the door and calls for Leah to listen to him later.

On Friday, 16 July, at 1.15 pm and 6 pm on Channel 5, Home and Away airs these sequences.

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