Zootopia 2 Updates – Release Date, Plot, And Casting, Everything You Should Know

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Is a sequel to Zootopia in the works? After all, when Disney gets something right, they hit it out of the park, as seen by the box office success of Zootopia, which introduced the world to Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde. The film was popular with both young and elderly audiences, because of its colourful ensemble of varied animal characters, funny language, and a narrative that promotes racial tolerance and acceptance of variety. Please, Disney, make more films like this!

With such a popular first film, you’d assume Disney would get on the Zootopia 2 bandwagon right immediately and make sure it hits theatres as soon as possible. However, they have stayed silent on the topic thus far, leaving admirers of the hairy and fluffy figures baffled.

To that purpose, we’ve scoured the Internet for any and every information regarding the long-awaited sequel. Here’s all we learned about the sequel to the Zootopia film franchise.

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Zootopia 2 Updates – Release Date

Given the popularity of Disney+ during the epidemic, it’s reasonable to speculate that a streaming release of “Zootopia 2” would be released alongside a theatrical release. Disney skipped the theatrical premiere of their latest film, “Luca,” in favour of solely streaming it on their site. However, with the popularity of the previous film already built in and a ready following of enthusiastic fans, “Zootopia” may fare differently.

Disney has a lot on its plate, from Marvel projects to live-action remakes of old tales to reboots of nostalgic fan favourites. We don’t know when the sequel will be released, but based on the internet buzz, fans are hopeful it will be released sooner rather than later to join the ranks of previous long-awaited sequels. “Zootopia” took two years to produce, so patience is required. However, without formal confirmation from Disney, it’s hard to say for sure.

Zootopia 2 Updates – Cast Members

While there is no official casting at this time, two cast members have already expressed interest in returning for a sequel. In a 2017 interview with The Sun, Mark Smith, who played grouchy Officer McHorn, said he would reprise his role in the sequel. He rose from poor origins to become a “Gladiator” contestant and later an actor, earning the moniker “Rhino.”

“I can tell you for sure I’m doing another ‘Zootopia’ with Disney,” the late Tommy Lister, who voiced the rowdy fox Finnick, said to fans during a meet and greet in 2019 when he said, “I can tell you for sure I’m doing another ‘Zootopia’ with Disney.” He also said that they were working on a trilogy and that the sequel will cost $300 million. It’s difficult to predict whether he’ll be replaced by another performer after his death in 2020.

Byron Howard acknowledged his affection for Officer Clawhauser (Nate Torrence), the cheerful, overweight cheetah, in a 2016 interview with Collider, and discussed how many various paths another “Zootopia” narrative might go.

With so many furry characters to choose from, a sequel (or trilogy) would be brimming with storey ideas. Of course, Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman will most likely reprise their roles as Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, respectively, to continue fighting the good fight.

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Zootopia 2 Updates – Plotline

The possibilities for a sequel are unlimited since “Zootopia” didn’t finish on a cliffhanger. Goodwin told CinemaBlend that she’d “want to see Nick have to be the one to persuade Judy that the world is worth fighting for” in the sequel, while Bateman said that he’d “like to see Nick have to be the one to convince Judy that the world is worth fighting for.”

“The two of us, kicking ass out there,” Bateman, on the other hand, said he’d want to witness. The streets are being cleaned up. We’re just a couple of rookie cops on the job.

So, evil folks, be on the lookout.” Building on the themes of diversity, racial profiling, and acceptance from the first film, it will be fascinating to see how the sequel portrays Judy and Nick’s policing in a favourable light without going too far in terms of political and social progress since 2016.

Perhaps Judy and Nick will continue to improve their society, or perhaps they will venture further out to meet new creatures with more complex social norms and consider how they might modify their police strategy.

Fans of “Zootopia” are ready to return and see what happens next, regardless of how things turn up.

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