Destiny 2, how a beginner will get used to the game


Destiny 2 is a cult MMO fantasy shooter that tells about the confrontation of mankind against a horde of alien invaders.

Players will have to choose one of three game classes, go through training, get used to the main mechanics and the system of quest and contract pumping, choose the direction of the hero’s development, learn how to control the character in raids, strikes and PVP and be able to earn experience and glitter – the main currency of Destiny 2.


The basis of success in Destiny 2 is the level that will allow you to learn new skills and increase your defense and attack. There are several ways to level up:

Story quests

Starting from the training stage, all players will enter the main city, which will smoothly and in detail tell the players the history of the planets and introduce key characters. By following the quest chain, you will receive an increase in the level of weapons and armor, shines and levels, as well as a partial explanation of the main game mechanics using the example of tasks.


Contracts can be found in the main city that will ask players to complete secondary activities in exchange for experience. There is nothing difficult in the tasks – to kill in the head, use a certain type of weapon, destroy a certain number of monsters.

Tasks can be bought for glitter, and thus exchange money for experience. Tasks are daily, weekly and monthly. Depending on the financial situation, it is advisable for a beginner to take all of them in order to quickly grow in level and open raids and strikes.

Dungeons and Strikes

Strikes and Dungeons are special zones where players in groups must enter a dangerous zone and defeat the monsters living there and the main boss in order to obtain rare equipment and weapons.

Strike is a mini-raid where there can be three players, but the reward is worse than in the dungeon.

A raid is a more difficult version of a dungeon, where there are more monsters and bosses, and they are stronger, and a combat group can reach up to 15 people.

Sometimes, instead of gathering a large group and sharing the loot with chances, it’s easier to fake everything at all, it’s easier to order a destiny 2 carry service from a professional team of players who will do all the work, and you will get experience and all the reward.


There are only three classes from which you can choose your path in Destiny 2, let’s look at each of them.


A defensive type warrior and a formidable melee fighter. Despite the fact that Destiny 2 is about small arms, approaching a titan at arm’s length will give you a set of skills that will forever wean you from the desire to get close to the enemy. Of the special skills – the Titan can deal heavy damage with steel fists and put up a protective shield that will block direct damage and in order to knock him down, you need to go around from the other direction and attack in the back, or skillfully throw a grenade.

Not a single raid will pass without a titan – no other class will be able to absorb so much damage and stay alive.

According to the game plot, the titans are an order of knights and defenders of the main city, who swore an oath to protect the capital even at the cost of their lives.


Shooter and magician in the fantasy world of firearms. Effective at medium distances and in the fight against a large group of opponents.

The Warlock uses skills that buff and heal allies within a certain range and deal damage and debuff enemies that are within range.

Warlock is especially effective in raids and strikes – it deals a lot of AoE damage to enemies and can massively heal allies, and also uses small arms for attacks.

According to the game plot, Warlocks are adventurers and travelers who have dedicated themselves to the fight against darkness and the service of light. They will not hesitate to use their weapons on any foe they see as a threat to the balance between light and dark.


A long-range shooter and a particularly dangerous opponent in close combat. A master of daggers and grenades, ranging from offensive to distraction and stun.

Hunters use skills that disguise them and can deal massive damage to a single target from a long distance.

Hunters are effective in raids, because while the tank keeps the head of the dungeon and the retinue on itself, the Warlock destroys the guards and servants, and the hunter does the main damage to the boss and the health of the head of the dungeon decreases quite quickly.

According to the game plot, Hunters are wanderers of the desert, who were forced by circumstances to leave their home. Their wanderings and struggle for survival made them true masters of hunting and craftsmen with knives. They have a special cloak, which serves as a distinctive feature.


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