Bitcoin is dead? Will BTC go up again?


Bitcoin is not dead, but it has seen better days. The value of BTC has been on a steady decline since early 2018 and shows no signs of reversing course anytime soon. That said, there is always the possibility that BTC could make a comeback, but it is far from certain. For now, it seems that Bitcoin is in for a long period of decline.

The last two weeks have been brutal for Bitcoin as its price dropped below $18,000. However, some experts are claiming that this is just a temporary setback and the top cryptocurrency will eventually make it back into the spotlight again!

In 2022 alone there were 15 predictions made about how dead bitcoin would be by then–but none of them came true because they underestimated what’s happening right now – which according to many people including myself is an unprecedented bull run (or bubble) period

In a series of tweets, Rep. Schiff suggested that Bitcoin could be headed for an even greater decline than in previous crashes because this time around there is far more investors who depend on the cryptocurrency’s value landing at some point.

Bitcoin has once again reclaimed the $20,000 perch. Schiff thinks this is nothing to get excited about and that we’re still in a slow-motion crash with no sign yet of any capitulation that typically forms bear markets bottom as well as other crypto traders who believe there will always eventually be another bull trap coming our way soon enough!


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