Whether Android or iPhone: You have to do this work

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Panacea, if one medicine of every merge is to be said in the context of smartphone, then the word factory reset will be suitable. Smartphone is hanging, it has become slow. Network problem or software problem. Usually an advice is given. Brother, do factory reset once. Even the service center people sometimes say the same thing. Try factory reset once. Whether to sell mobile or change handset. Factory reset is always advised. Well this method is also effective. The phone becomes like a brand new one. Just wondering what is the right way. And is only factory data reset enough? We give you the answers to both the questions.

One thing to do before the process. Make sure to back up your phone before factory reset. If you have Android then on Google account and if you have iPhone then on iCloud.

Samsung smartphone

In Settings, click on Account & Backup then Manage Account.

Click on Samsung Account and select Remove Account option.

Go back to Settings and click on General Management option

On scrolling down, you will get the reset option.

Click on factory data reset and enter PIN, pattern or password.

The process will start as soon as you click on Delete All.

Now talk about Pixel and other Android smartphones.

Go to Settings.

Click on System.

The option of Erase all Data (Factory Reset) will be visible inside the reset.

Enter Password or PIN by clicking on Erase All Data

OK and click on Erase All Data after the warning message that appears on the screen.

for iPhone users

Go to General in Settings

Trasnfer or reset iPhone will appear at the very bottom.

The option of # Prepare for new iphone will appear, which is not of your use at the moment.

Click on Erase all content and settings option.

Information related to your iCloude account will be displayed on the screen. Like Apps and data, Apple ID.

Click on Continue.

It’s done, brother, the method that will come in handy when the handset is from hanging to slow. If you are about to change or sell the smartphone, then listen carefully to what we are talking about. You feel that if you kill Factory Reset, then your data is cleared. No. It might have been done for the common user but a normal tech savvy means tech savvy can recover the data. So it is very important to follow some steps.

junk cleaner
Before factory data reset, download any kind of junk cleaner from play store like AVG or Norton. After that perform the junk cleaning process completely on your phone.

create dummy data
This is the most important step. After the phone reboots, connect it to the internet without entering your email and then do any activity like net surfing, google search, opening pdf file. This will create new data on your phone and if something is left by mistake then the data will be overwritten.

iphone users
Remove the associated iPhone by logging in with an iCloud account.


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